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Black Hawk Attack

How To Play: Black Hawk Attack

Black Hawk Attack

You are in a war helicopter and your mission is to destroy enemy vehicles both in the air and on the ground, you will be attacked from all sides, the attackers will be tanks, planes, helicopters and many other enemy vehicles and your task is to survive and destroy as many enemy vehicles as you can using rockets and machine gun that is on your helicopter.
Try to control your helicopter well or otherwise you can crash to the ground and lose a life.
Do not allow your enemies to destroy you and prove how good you are in situations of war!
Be careful, if you go beyond the game area your Chopper will be destroyed, if you are hit
by a enemies plane your Chopper will be destroyed and your Chopper will be destroyed as soon as it’s life is vaid so be careful and pay attention.
Have fun in this unblocked shooting game!

Space bar – Fly
Mouse – Aim / Shoot

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games