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Highway Pursuit 2

How To Play: Highway Pursuit 2

Highway Pursuit 2

You have just escaped from prison and you to the border using the highway, but large unit of police cars and horses come in your way in order to stop you, your task is to defend your vehicle from the police and successfully cross the border!Every next level will be more complicated and more difficult than the previous one so try your best, from the money you earn buy yourself a stronger and better weapons, you will find a huge selection of weapons that you can use to prevent a police from catching you!Be careful to avoid shooting in innocent civilians who will be on the highway, take it to the border and do not let police to get to your vehicle.Reach the border stop the police and win!This is not an easy task because this is a very challenging unblocked shooting game so do your best!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.
Q-Switch weapons.
Spacebar-Drop grenades.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games