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Shoot The Pumpkin

How To Play: Shoot The Pumpkin

Shoot The Pumpkin

Halloween has begun and your task is to shoot down all the pumpkins that you see on the screen!Help this witch using her magic to bring down all the pumpkin with a certain number of strokes.Your task is to aim for the pumpkin and to fire, in every level you will have a certain number of shots that can be fired in order to shoot down all the pumpkins, if one pumpkin stay and you’ve used up all the magic that is the end of your game and you start all over from the beginning.Before you is a 24 challenging levels every next level is exciting, more fun and more demanding than the previous one.This game is very challenging and exciting, play with friends and have fun in this unblocked shooting game!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games