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Shoot The Vampires

How To Play: Shoot The Vampires

Shoot The Vampires

Play this excellent unblocked shooting game and kill the bats!
Your task is precisely that, to kill as many bats as you can but be careful not to hit other birds.
You’ve got a lot of challenging levels, each next one will be harder and more demanding than the previous one, which means that you will have in every level a certain each time that you have to kill all bats, you will have a number of targets that you need to eliminate in order to move to the next level and you will get a certain amount of bullets in each level, which means that you should not miss to much so try to make your every shot a hit.Take care not to exhaust the bullets and not to shoot other birds.If you run out of time or you run out of the bullets that will end of the game for you and you start from the beginning.We wish you great fun!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games