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Xeno Defense

How To Play: Xeno Defense

Xeno Defense

Aliens discovered your secret base and they decided to attack you in order to destroy you,
your mission is to defend yourself from these terrible creatures and not to allow them to come too close to your base.You are surviving ranking officer and you have been placed in contorl of a secret research base hidden away deep in the mountains.Your base is currently incomplete and it is your task to finish your base construction.But don’t be mistaken, this is no easy task. The Greys are likely to send forces against you as soon as they learn of your activity.
Be careful your time is limited, you must carefully balance spending your resources on your defense, research buildings and manufacturing weapons for your base defenses.
We wish you good luck and good fun in this unblocked shooting game.

Use mouse to aim and shoot.
A-Fire Artillery.
9-Change weapon.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games